A Sneak Peek at Issue 2


Listed below in the order that they appear in the zine is a little information about the stories, artwork and poetry that is included in issue 1.

 Watch Your Head By Chris Woods

Pandemic By Gary Helm

A Thought By Stephen Williams

Parkour 1 By George Sampson

The Lady Protector Part 2 By Frank Harper - The Lady Protector is about a super heroin who just won’t give up. This fast paced story also shows how an insensitive, egocentric teenager transforms herself into a responsible adult who takes it upon herself to stand up to crime as only a superhero can.

Hornet's Nest By Matthew Dexter

 Identity Crisis - From the files of department 118 By Layson A.Williams  -  "Kate has a dark secret that manifests every full moon, and now special agents of the American Empire have arrived to investigate reported werewolf sightings. Will she be able to keep her secret from them without hurting anyone? Can they help her condition or will they exploit it? Kate needs to find answers about them before the full moon reveals the answers about her."

The Forever Children By Chris Woods

The Pandora Project By Joseph Grant - "Despite worldwide protests, a controversial superconducting supercollider is being brought online to duplicate the Big Bang and ostensibly to provide the world with a limitless source of energy. But the devil is in the details as something goes horribly wrong."

Gingerbread Lady By Michael Johnson

The Fairground Attraction By Frank Roger

By Stone and Paw By Mari Mitchell

The Lonely Oak By Edward Rodosek

I See Me Dead By William Andre Sanders

Parkour 2 By George Sanders